Investment Performance Measurement Reporting

Investment performance measurement reporting puts the raw statistics in an illuminating context and presentation. Comparative data such as market indices, balanced indices, and mutual fund returns make it possible to meaningfully assess the performance of a fund or part of a fund’s assets relative to investment options with similar management style or investment objectives. Without comparative data, assessing a 6% return by itself is difficult.

High-quality reports provide information in a helpful format, providing just enough information to quickly digest the key aspects of a fund’s performance. Sometimes tables are most helpful; other times, graphs convey information best. At times an overview is most important, while at other times a detailed view of the performance for each discrete part of an account (even down to the security), and each period, may be more helpful.

GreenHill works with clients to determine the best mix of reports and reporting capabilities, report configurations, and benchmark configurations to give you and your clients the information they need.